ACP’s Career Blueprint: How to Enter into the Workforce After a Gap

On April 27th, ACP hosted a Women’s and Military Spouse production for an inside look at how to navigate the job market after taking a break. Reentering the workforce after a gap can be daunting whether you take a pause after leaving the military, to be a caretaker or for a mental break. Many Military Spouses face career challenges and often compromise on their professional goals because of the demands of the military lifestyle. Between PSCing frequently and the cost of childcare, sometimes staying home is the best option for the family.

According to a FlexJobs survey conducted with Blue Star Families, 32% of Military Spouses have left a job at least 3 times because of a military-related move. Once their spouse separate from their service, they have the opportunity to focus on their professional development. Many companies have dedicated programs to helping those get reacclimated from taking an extended leave regardless of the gap reason.

Our Panelists were from iRelaunch’s Carol Fishman Cohen and Lockheed Martin’s Lauren Gonzalez. They gave their tips and tricks on how to take your next steps into restarting your career. In addition to the panel, resources were provided to chat in an effort to help the community. The event was followed by a Q&A. Thank you for you and your family’s service.