Mentoring Handbook

ACP requires all Mentors and Protégés to read the ACP Mentoring Handbook prior to beginning their year-long mentorship. The Mentoring Handbook offers a detailed overview of how and why ACP's mentoring program works.

The Handbook encourages both Mentors and Protégés to think about the benefits of mentoring, as well as what each participant hopes to get out of the experience. An important section of the Handbook is Conditions for Successful Mentorships which underscores the need for setting mutual and realistic expectations for the mentorship as well as sharing responsibility and ownership throughout the year. Finally, the Handbook outlines a number of activities organized into a recommended quarterly schedule for matched pairs to consider.

ACP's Mentoring Handbook takes approximately 10-15 minutes to read and offers many recommendations for building a strong and successful mentoring relationship. ACP Operations Associates are also available to answer any questions you may have about mentorships as well as to suggest additional tips and activities if needed.

Download the Mentoring Handbook