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Help transitioning Veterans find meaningful employment as they separate from the military.

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ACP has provided more than 30,000+ returning Veterans and active duty Military Spouses with professional mentorships since 2010. Our mentorships are 1:1, yearlong and customized for each Protégé. 97% of our Protégés would recommend us to a fellow Veteran. 

Your financial support will directly impact the thousands of returning Veterans and Military Spouses who would benefit from an ACP Mentor. Every $1,000 enables another Protégé to receive a full year of mentorship. 

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ACP Protégés thank their Mentors for providing the guidance and support necessary to transition from the military to rewarding civilian careers. To view hundreds of short videos featuring Veteran Protégés thanking their Mentors, visit ACP's YouTube page

“This program was outstanding and provided significant assistance in my transition out of the military.” - John M., U.S. Air Force

“This program has truly helped me through my career journey. I highly recommend my fellow Veterans to take advantage of this program.” - Brenda C., U.S. Army

“I believe ACP is vital to a more successful military transition.” - Tara S., U.S. Air Force