Work From Home Jobs for Military Spouses are Booming (Like These!)

Military Spouse

At this point in the year, the world is finally starting to feel normal.

Restaurants are booming once more, music venues and concert halls are opening their doors and most children will be back in school at 100% capacity come September. But there is one space of post-pandemic society that seems to be re-evaluating what “normal” will look like: the office. 

The past year has proven that even jobs relying heavily on collaboration, teamwork and cross-team communications like HR administration, financials and accounting, grant-writing, marketing, PR––even office administration––can be done from the comfort of your own home or a space other than a cubicle. For the first time in the modern-day job market, companies are seriously starting to rethink their hiring and employee practices when it comes to virtual work.

The prospect of more companies offering remote work opportunities is great news for military spouses who don’t necessarily see themselves in a career like teaching or nursing, which require re-certification from state-to-state. Now more than ever, it’s possible to land your dream role in one state and continue working when you inevitably PCS elsewhere — even overseas. This is even true now in the educational and healthcare fields where teachers and therapy professionals can be offered remote opportunities. Remote teaching and telehealth positions are possible, like those offered at Freedom Learning Group where veterans and military spouses contribute their expertise to educational courseware projects and the telehealth offerings military families can find through Military OneSource. 

If you’re currently looking for a new, remote position at a large corporation, you might consider working for a company that is a proud participant in the DoD’s Military Spouse Employment Partnership (MSEP). There are currently over 500 companies and organizations that proudly partner with the DoD to increase employment opportunities for military spouses. Many of these companies are doing that by opening their regular job postings up to those who are interested in working remotely part-time or completely. Companies like Amazon, Deloitte, HCA Healthcare, Home Depot and Travelers are dedicated to hiring military spouses and making accommodations as needed.

These companies also happen to partner with American Corporate Partners (ACP), the Veteran and Active Duty Military Spouse Mentoring program. Founded in 2008 in response to the huge number of veterans returning from deployment, ACP provides custom year-long mentorships with experienced professionals from corporations to both veterans and active duty military spouses to help set them on the path for success in their career development, which can include remote work. If you would prefer more flexibility with a spouse deployed and children around you, perhaps you and your mentor could map out a plan to try out companies who offer flexible, virtual opportunities like Amazon or Travelers. These companies offer remote opportunities and positions around the globe.

On June 30th at 1 pm EST, American Corporate Partners (ACP), will be hosting an event centered around remote work and the ways our partner companies are adapting to this new age of working.

Joining us will be some of the aforementioned companies including Amazon, Bristol Myers Squibb, Cisco Systems, Deloitte, GM, HCA Healthcare, Home Depot, HSBC, IBM, Travelers, and more. Not only will these companies discuss the initiatives they are taking to open up more remote positions, but they will also speak about roles that are currently open — and that you can apply for immediately if you are a fit. If you’re a military spouse interested in learning more about remote work opportunities and how these can perhaps fit into your career path, please join us on June 30th! Click here to RSVP.