Spouses Find Stable and Successful Careers With ACP

Military Spouse Magazine
Maya Yegorova


The ever-changing finance industry has many unique opportunities for military spouses to consider. Future employees can enter the fields of investment banking, sales and trading, private equity, hedge funds, or payment processing. Whether employees are looking to oversee financial transactions, sell securities, or offer financial guidance to clients, the possibilities are numerous. 

Roxanne Caruso, a military spouse currently in an ACP mentorship with a PwC mentor, agrees that the most exciting part of the financial industry is that it’s constantly expanding. 

“You always have to adapt and evolve to stay on top. It’s dynamic and while it can be frustrating, it’s exciting. There’s a lot of opportunity, and there’s a world to explore,” she says.

Stability was additionally one of the reasons she decided to pursue the financial realm.

“I needed to work in a field that was very stable and wanted something that I could maintain a career in. Finance has opportunities in multiple geographic regions, and I am a numbers person,” she says. 

It’s further crucial to note that there are always learning opportunities, as finance corporate professionals can obtain certifications. Roxanne advocates for maintaining a growth mindset and to delve into certification studying. 

“Never be satisfied with the knowledge that you do have, and hone in on your skills. Always remain curious,”  she says. 

The increase in demand for exceptional workers means that military spouses must flourish in fast-paced environments and can resolve issues in a short amount of time. 

Shaelyn Machemehl, a U.S. Navy spouse of two years,  developed these skills even more after obtaining a position as a Payment Processing Analyst at Blackbaud during her ACP mentorship.

“To work in the financial industry, you have to be very detail-oriented, as there are errors and discrepancies that can be discovered. You have to know how to manage your time, as there are individual projects, team projects, and meetings at any given day.” she says.

For Amanda Kisiel, a US Air Force spouse in an ACP mentorship, it’s about finding those moments of purpose and having a positive impact on people.

Amanda emphasizes that it’s important to be a well-rounded individual and to not neglect hobbies, as American hustle culture may lead workers to believe that their identity is linked to their career.

Military spouses' drives gives them a competitive edge in the hiring process and is a key trait that distinguishes them from other job-seekers,  so Shaelyn stresses that military spouses should never doubt their abilities and the lessons they have learned.

ACP has accomplished mentors that are ready to accelerate your professional development. Established in 2008, ACP pairs active-duty spouses and post 9/11 veterans with seasoned Fortune 500 mentors. In particular, ACP has a wealth of finance mentors from BNP Paribas, Deutsche Bank, UBS, and Morgan Stanley. Interested applicants that wish to join the over 23,00 successful alumni participants may apply at this link: https://www.acp-usa.org/spouseapp.