RecruitMilitary Joins Efforts with American Corporate Partners to Bring Mentorship Opportunities to Transitioning Veterans and Families



July 26, 2021 – Chesapeake, VA - - RecruitMilitary, the nation’s leading veteran recruitment firm, has joined forces with American Corporate Partners (ACP), a national non-profit that offers a customized mentorship program to veterans and active duty military spouses, to empower transitioning military service members and their families with employment and career counseling opportunities in the civilian workforce. The two organizations announced their partnership around July 25, National Hire a Veteran Day, that they are synchronizing efforts to bring the best career support resources to veterans and their families while providing America’s employers with the ability to recruit and work with top talent that originates from our nation’s military.

RecruitMilitary provides a variety of pathways utilizing virtual and in-person capabilities for veterans to find great careers with competitive pay. The organization’s partnership with ACP allows veterans to access an additional layer of support via mentorship and guidance throughout the civilian career seeking and building journey.

ACP’s Mentorship Program is a unique offering that connects veterans and active duty military spouses (protégés) to industry professionals (mentors) for year-long, customized, one-on-one mentorships. The program focuses on a holistic approach to determine the mentorship needs and career goals of each Protégé and provides seasoned guidance from Mentors that offer exposure to opportunities and networks aligned with specific career interests and capabilities.

“We are thrilled to partner with ACP in a way that aligns with our passion of empowering veterans with employment opportunities,” said RecruitMilitary CEO Tim Best. “Providing veterans with access to customized mentorships helps us better-reach and understand the needs of job seekers and optimize the resources available to them. This partnership is truly a win-win for career seeking veterans.” "ACP's partnership with RecruitMilitary will help us both reach so many more veterans who can benefit from our one-year, customized and one-on-one mentoring program," stated Sid Goodfriend, Founder and Chairman of ACP. "Our missions align in that both organizations aim to help transitioning service members find meaningful, long-term employment. We look forward to continuing the work together and offering those who serve the very best resources as they continue their career journey from the military to the civilian workforce." To learn more about RecruitMilitary’s career resources and events, visit and to explore mentorship opportunities available to veterans and military spouses at ACP, visit

About American Corporate Partners (ACP)

American Corporate Partners ( is a New York City-based national nonprofit organization founded by Sidney E. Goodfriend that aims to ease veterans' transition from the military to the civilian workforce through two free programs: a nationwide mentoring program with more that 100 corporate partners and an online network, ACP AdvisorNet, offering career, employment and small business advice through a robust business community and Q&A platform.

ACP is the only nonprofit organization engaged in national corporate career counseling with more than 100 of America’s finest companies for our transitioning veterans and active duty military spouses. More than 20,000 veterans have become alumni of ACP’s programs.

About RecruitMilitary

RecruitMilitary, the nation’s largest veteran recruiting firm, offers employers access to more than 1.6 million military job seekers via services that include contingency recruiting, as well as an online, mobile friendly job board, virtual and in-person career fairs and employer branding. RecruitMilitary’s MBA Veterans Network is the nation’s leading military and MBA diversity conference, connecting military veteran students from top MBA programs with employers. The ExecuVets subsidiary program connects employers with executive track veteran talent. To learn more about RecruitMilitary and its participating programs and partnerships, please visit

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