October 2023 - Mentorship Success Story

Hailey Brindamour


After 18 years in the U.S. Marine Corps, Obrian Sangster wasn’t sure how his experience as a construction engineer would translate to fulfilling civilian roles.

We love to celebrate outstanding pairs in our mentorship program! This week/month, we’re introducing you to former U.S. Marine Corps Gunnery Sergeant Obrian Sangster.

After separating from the Marine Corps in 2022, Obrian wasn’t sure how his experience as a construction engineer would translate to a fulfilling civilian career. With a short-term goal of a reliable day gig, Obrian also dreamed of opening his own RV park. In search of insight, he signed up for an ACP mentorship and was paired with Dani Martinec, a Customer Support Specialist at LinkedIn and seasoned career mentor.

Dani and Obrian started their mentorship just before Christmas 2022 and hit the ground running, often meeting weekly to discuss Obrian’s professional goals. As a massage therapist who ran her own practice for many years, Dani was the perfect mentor to help Obrian with his entrepreneurial ambitions.

“Dani has been fantastic this entire time,” says Obrian. Her assistance in creating a small business plan and finding funding concurrent with traditional employment has been invaluable as Obrian embarks on his next chapter. He encourages other veterans to apply for the mentorship program, saying, “My mentor… has become more of a friend than just a mentor.”

Describing her ACP experience, Dani is equally effusive. “This is and has been such a great experience,” she says. “Obrian… truly is trusting the process, and I believe wholeheartedly everything he’s working towards will come to fruition. I’m over the moon excited that he landed a job and can now start to focus on the bigger goal. I’ll be here every step of the way.”

She shares the mission of ACP with anyone who’s interested in mentoring. “I mentor a lot,” says Dani, “but there is something about ACP that I really love!” ACP’s Mentorship Program has helped over 29,000 Veterans find professional fulfillment after service. To become one of them, apply here and start working with an ACP Mentor like Dani!