November 2023 - Mentorship Success Story

Hailey Brindamour


A first-generation Mexican-American, Damian expected his career to follow a traditional path to success. He began his English degree at DePaul University, but soon found himself drawn to service and signed a four-year contract with the U.S. Air Force.

As a CV-22 Osprey Crew Chief, Damian garnered invaluable expertise in team coordination, management, and technical and analytical accuracy. When he separated from the Air Force in 2022, Damian was considering the legal profession, but was also keen to find out where else his experience could lead him. He signed up with ACP to gain a Mentor’s insight on translating his skills to the civilian sector.

Jordan Regenie, a first-time ACP Mentor whose family has a rich military tradition, has proven an excellent sounding board as the pair explores the many options open to Damian.

Jordan helped Damian view his military service as “an asset, not a liability” in the job search. A law school graduate with experience in geospatial analysis, project and resource management, consulting and more, Jordan was the ideal guide for Damian’s career exploration.

Since May, the pair have been strategizing Damian’s job search, identifying longer-term career goals, and discussing personal finance and post-military budgeting.

Both Jordan and Damian emphasize how the mentorship brings an unbiased perspective to a Protégé’s unique situation.

“It has helped me connect with someone who not only wants to see me succeed, but is always willing to lend a helping hand or just words of advice,” says Damian. “It has been a pleasure...being able to confide in someone I may not have ever met outside of [ACP].”

Jordan echoes the value of ACP’s individualized approach. “[For those] not comfortable asking friends and family regarding professional guidance and finances,” he says, “an ACP Mentor can be the missing piece in a Veteran’s or Military Spouse’s professional development.”

Post-9/11 Veterans can apply here to start working with their own ACP Mentor. To become a Mentor and give back to our military community, get started here!