May 2024 - Mentorship Success Story

Hailey Brindamour


Twenty years ago, you could walk into almost any business with your ill-fitting blazer and stack of resumes printed out on cream-colored cardstock and have a new job within a couple of weeks. That process has changed, and personal branding has become an essential element of any successful job search. One of the best ways to discover and refine your unique brand, as U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel Adam Points discovered over the past year, is a no-cost, personalized career mentorship through ACP. 

In early 2023, Adam was approaching his Army retirement with over 20 years of experience leading large-scale operations across the globe, but without a clear idea of how that would translate into a successful civilian career. He signed up for a year-long ACP mentorship and was quickly matched with Dan Duran, Managing Director of Hidalgo Global and a seasoned business director, manager, and consultant. 

From their first meeting, Dan focused on helping Adam better showcase the tremendous value he offered employers. He emphasized that service members’ skills have broad applicability and encouraged Adam to aim for higher-level positions. Dan also connected Adam with other senior-level professionals who provided valuable feedback on self-presentation in the job market.

“Officers at [Adam’s] level take on jobs in the military all the time that have little to do with previous positions,” Dan says.”[What matters are] the baseline skillsets around leadership, management and organization that win the day.”

With this guidance in his arsenal, Adam secured a role at BNY Mellon as a Client Service Director for Treasury Services. Rather than precipitating the end of their mentorship, this change opened up a wealth of discussion topics for the pair.

“In some ways, the hard part starts now,” Dan commented as Adam onboarded at BNY Mellon, adding that maintaining military bearing and professionalism is key as Veterans adjust to an unfamiliar workplace culture. While the concept of personal branding can feel slippery, when underlaid by this kind of personal integrity, it carries weight and authenticity. 

With this foundation in place, the pair continued to work together closely, covering work-life balance, the importance of networking within a new career field, and the unique stresses of leaving the military after more than 20 years. 

Adam credits Dan with helping make his path out of the Army a smooth one. “[Dan] has been an amazing resource as I have transitioned to the corporate sector,” says Adam. “His experience, and the valuable insights that he provided during our mentorship sessions, were essential for ensuring I was ready to begin my journey as a business professional.”

Dan and Adam agree that ACP’s mentorship program is an invaluable resource, both for Veterans and Mentors. “Professionally, I am empowered and driven to do more for not only the mentorship program, but for my own business,” Dan says of the impact mentoring has had on him. “It is a satisfying and rewarding feeling. Knowing Adam has contributed to my own growth.”

Veterans and Active Duty military spouses, apply here to participate in ACP’s mentorship program and reach the next level in your career! Mentors, apply here to volunteer with ACP and make a difference in the military community.