Be the CEO of Your Transition

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Eric Brew
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What if I told you that you were the CEO of your transition? What if I told you no one should be more invested in the successful navigation of your transition than you? Would that change the way you view this season of your life?

I hope so!

Although there are procedural and emotional similarities throughout a military transition for many service members, we each experience our transition differently. Our careers look different, our timelines are not the same, our families and life situations are diverse, and our ideas of success are all distinct.

Differences abound, but the bottom line is you own your transition. No one will be more invested. No matter how many organizations or individuals you work with, there is only one boss—and the buck stops with you. The freedom in that ownership is terrifying, right? I remember.

As I navigated my transition, I remember wishing the Army would tell me my next job location, what I was going to be doing, and what position would be mine. There was so much comfort in having the organization direct me. And, in the very next moment, I found myself ecstatic at the thought of no one making those decisions for me ever again. And then, the fear of freedom would kick in and I was right back to square one. It was such an emotional rollercoaster

At some point, it dawned on me that the idea of solely being in charge wasn’t going away. I realized I was the one who had to decide what was next. I had to pick where I was going to live. I had to advocate for myself in salary negotiation. It was all up to me. So, I hired myself. I looked myself in the mirror one day and just said, “You’re hired.” I needed to give myself that control.

As you traverse your own unique path through transition, put yourself in the driver’s seat. Be hungry for the information that will lead to your own version of success and happiness. Be invested in your path. Surround yourself with people and organizations that will make a real difference and assist you as you navigate your transition. And, as you select those who will invest in your transition, be discerning and do your research. It’s time to think of yourself as the hiring manager in this process.

If you’re interested in taking control of your transition, start by engaging with American Corporate Partners (ACP) and our incredible pool of mentors. Think of us as your executives of success.