ACP Recognizes GE for its Commitment to Veterans

American Corporate Partners


Sidney Goodfriend, Jefrey Immelt, GEN (ret) David H. Petraeus

American Corporate Partners (ACP), a national nonprofit organization that connects post-9/11 veterans to business professionals for career guidance, is pleased to announce the presentation of the first ACP Award for Excellence in Veteran Engagement and Integration to Jeffrey R. Immelt and GE. GEN (ret) David H. Petraeus and ACP Founder and Chairman, Sidney Goodfriend presented the award to Mr. Immelt, Chairman and CEO of GE.

The ACP Award for Excellence in Veteran Engagement and Integration is presented to the Chief Executive and management team that leads by example in the recruiting, hiring, training, and retention of returning U.S veterans so they may develop lasting careers.

“Jeff and GE are leading by example. GE is not only hiring returning veterans, but is focused on helping by mentoring and training them so they can build long-term careers at companies like GE. ACP and I salute GE’s efforts and hope others will follow,” says Gen. Petraeus, a Senior Advisor to ACP.

In 2012, Immelt announced a commitment by GE to hire 5,000 veterans by 2017 in addition to the 10,000 veterans it currently employs. GE set the standard for hiring, training, and retaining veterans through its own Junior Officer Leadership Program and its role in Hiring our Heroes and co-founding Get Skills to Work (GSTW). GSTW is a 500-member Coalition of manufacturing companies and education partners that are helping to train veterans and match them with high-skilled manufacturing jobs. GE has been a corporate partner of ACP since 2008 and has had more than 500 senior employees engage with ACP’s programs.

About ACP

American Corporate Partners is a New York-based national nonprofit organization founded in 2008 to address veterans' career transition needs through two free programs: a nationwide veteran mentoring program, and an online network, ACP AdvisorNet, offering career, employment and small business advice through a Q&A platform. More than 50 institutions nationwide have partnered with ACP's Veteran Mentoring Program to offer free corporate mentorships to the brave men and women who have served our nation.