ACP Partners with Schools, Too

G.I. Jobs February 2022
Millie Donnelly, Senior Associate, ACP

G.I. JobsAS A VETERAN, your educational aspirations are an important part of who you are. If you’re a veteran or an active duty service member approaching your transition and are considering returning to school, starting a new degree, license or certification, there are many viable options for you. Many institutions offer discounted tuition to veterans, or have scholarships that you can apply for. ACP, the veteran and active duty military spouse mentoring program, is proud to work with several of the schools and academic institutions listed below that offer specific programming to accommodate a veteran’s needs and interests.

SNHU offers up to 30% discounted tuition for active duty service members and will work with you to maximize your education benefits like the GI Bill and more.

Harvard Business School offers a variety of needbased scholarships to veteran students and participates in the Yellow Ribbon Program, and the Wells Fargo Vet

Bryan University offers active duty soldiers a discount of $250 per semester for undergraduate students and a discount of $400 per semester for graduate students. Veterans are offered a $500 discount per year of enrollment.

University of Chicago offers the Tillman Scholarship to active duty veterans and active duty military spouses. To be considered for the scholarship, applicants must provide examples of how they’ve made a positive impact on their community.

Franklin University offers an educational experience specifically for veterans and active duty soldiers, including a team specifically dedicated to assisting military students, online classes and educational credits for military training.

Three Rivers Community College is ready to help you navigate your VA benefits. The campus has the Oasis Center which is a relaxed space for student veterans to meet and study and also is home to a Veterans Organization.

ECPI University offers the Active Duty Military Scholarship Program.

This list only represents a handful of resources that you have at your disposal as you pursue your educational journey. We recommend discovering what benefits are available and what other schools you might be interested in. As always, you do not have to go at this alone. If you are an active duty service member or veteran who has served for at least 180 days post-9/11/2001, ACP is here to help. Apply for your free, year-long, one on one mentorship today.