#GiveThem20 is the New ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’ – And Here is a Challenge to All of the 2016 Candidates

Chad Longell


Last year the ice bucket challenge swept across the internet as thousands were called out by friends and family. Now a new viral challenge is helping to bring attention to supporting our nation’s veterans here at home.

The GiveThem20 challenge is a campaign started by American Corporate Partners to raise awareness of veterans transitioning home and into new careers. The campaign challenges participants to get creative in performing 20 repetitions of any basic exercise and then challenge others via social media.

Sidney Goodfriend, Chairman of American Corporate Partners Board of Directors, describes the reasoning behind creating the challenge,

With the wars winding down, veterans aren’t necessarily on the top of Americans’ minds right now. We wanted to create a way for Americans to take a moment out of their day and show their thanks to the men and women who serve our country.

However, the purpose isn’t just the physical challenge, but also a call to action to give something back to the troops,

Once people complete the #GiveThem20 challenge, they can take it a step further by volunteering 20 minutes of their time to mentor and hire transitioning veterans through our career advice site for veterans, ACP AdvisorNet. Many Americans want to help our returning military but don’t know how. ACP AdvisorNet offers a unique way for the American people to give their time and experience to help veterans find new careers.

Here are several celebrities participating in the challenge:

Jimmy Kimmel

Jon Stewart

John Oliver

Steven Colbert

The New York Mets and Washington Nationals also accepted the challenge. And here comes the next challenge:




In support of our veterans, we are asking all of our viewers to join us in the challenge and to submit your challenge videos on Twitter with the hashtag #GiveThem20 and tag @IJReview for a chance to be featured in a follow-up article.

Will you accept the challenge and GiveThem20?