Give Them 20 Challenge Spreads in Summer 2015



Over the Memorial Day weekend, ACP initiated the #GiveThem20 social media campaign to thank and salute those who have served. The campaign asks Americans to dedicate 20 push-ups, sit-ups or some other physical activity to veterans, challenge two friends to do the same and post to social media using the #GiveThem20 hashtag. Jon Stewart was the first to take on the challenge, and supporters including Jimmy Kimmel, Stephen Colbert, the New York Mets and John Oliver have since followed suit.

The #GiveThem20 challenge focuses on raising awareness of some of the struggles American veterans face, especially in finding a new career outside of the military, and highlights opportunities for Americans to give back by offering career advice to servicemen and women through ACP AdvisorNet. ACP Founder and Chairman Sid Goodfriend explains, "Whether you’re red or blue or left of center or right of center, it doesn’t make a difference. We all should figure out a way to help."

Join us in saluting those who served by participating in the #GiveThem20 challenge. To learn more, go to