ACP's Women’s Program May Workshop: Building a Personal Board of Directors

To make some of the biggest steps in your career, sometimes it’s not enough to have a wide network of people you’ve connected with once or twice. The best way to get the feedback and advice you need when it’s time to make a big decision is to build your own personal board of directors — a group of advisors who know you well and who you can turn to when you’re stuck and need a different perspective.

For ACP's Women's Program May workshop, Kristy Wallace, CEO of Ellevate Network, spoke to our community of women veterans about the importance of having a personal board of directors and how it’s made a difference in her own career. Learn about the kind of people who should make up your board (hint: not just your best friends), and how to foster those relationships throughout your career.

This virtual workshop took place via videoconference and conference call on Wednesday, May 16th from 1:00pm - 2:00pm EST. 

For more information, please email or call us at 212-752-0700.