ACP's Career Blueprint: Veterans Benefits Administration 101

On June 25th, ACP hosted a webinar with the Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA). VBA provided multiple benefits to Veterans, survivors and dependents; including Compensation, Education, Insurance, Home Loan Guaranty, Outreach, Transition & Economic Development (OTED), Pension & Fiduciary (P&F), and Veteran Readiness & Employment (VR&E).

The webinar consisted of a presentation followed by a Q&A conducted by Nikki Carlson, Management and Program Analyst with the Office of Policy and Oversight, VBA with support from Kaitlin Richards, Assistant Director with the Office of Policy and Oversight, VBA; Amy Kirby, Senior Management and Program Analyst, VBA; and Jamie Statton, Management and Program Analyst, VBA to help answer questions throughout the webinar. To learn more visit


Additional Resources were shared during the webinar.