ACP's Career Blueprint: Strategies for Thriving in Startup Environments

On May 7th, ACP collaborated with Ryan Walsh, CEO & Founder of Valqari, and Vaiva Vaisnys, Independent Organizational Effectiveness Consultant at Strele Consulting, about how to navigate working for a startup company. The discussion centered on exploring essential strategies for thriving in startups, including navigating the fast-paced business landscape, fostering innovation and building resilient teams. Although challenging to transition from traditional roles to startup ecosystems, both panelists encouraged keeping one’s options open to leveraging agility and driving growth.

Panelists also emphasized the startup work environment, pivoting workloads, workplace relationships and realistic scenarios to expect. Whether you’re new to the startup world or looking to enhance your impact within it, this webinar will equip you with the knowledge and tools to succeed. A live Q&A session followed the discussion.