ACP’s Career Blueprint: How to Advocate for Yourself, Your Ideas, and Your Potential

On March 14th, ACP's LinkedIn Live was joined by the panelists Heather Hansen, CEO of Advocate To Win, Author of The Elegant Warrior, TEDx speaker, Consultant, and Trainer. She discusses the importance of how to use the tools of a trial attorney to start advocating for yourself and each other. She breaks down the strategies of the 3 Cs of an Advocate: Curiosity, Credibility, and Compassion.

According to Heather Hansen, advocating is persuading and influencing. It’s changing minds and hearts. And advocating is helping people believe what you need them to believe. People invest in products, services, and other people because they believe. Teams follow leaders because they believe. And people become your advocates, advocating for you and your needs because they believe. The panel concluded with a Q&A session where they answered specific questions about women veterans and military spouses advancing in their careers.