ACP’s Career Blueprint: Effective Communication in the Workplace

On February 21st, ACP was joined by panelists for an inside look at Effective Communication in the Workplace. One of the most important yet overlooked aspects of the workplace is the importance of effective communication. 2 out of 3 managers report not being comfortable communicating with employees and the majority of employees report not being given clear directions. Effective communication helps make workplaces better and more efficient. Veterans know the value of clear and concise communication and how important it is and can translate that experience after their transition.

Our panelists were Todd G., a Veteran and Senior Director - Head of Auction Events at Ten-X, and Kara Brooks, Vice President of Communication at the SHRM. They compiled a combined 40+ years of expertise to discuss the importance of effective communication and how to apply it in the workplace. They gave valuable examples and extensive strategies on how to effectively navigate through a workplace and build strong and meaningful relationships. The event concluded with a live Q&A session with the virtual audience.