ACP Presents: Whirlpool - What Might Surprise You About Working in Corporate America

On June 1st, ACP and Whirlpool Corporation came together to provide an inside look into the company’s culture and hiring strategies. Since 2012, Whirlpool Corporation has collaborated with ACP to support numerous Veterans and Active Duty Spouses in their transition from the military, assisting them in finding meaningful careers. With its global presence through offices and manufacturing plants, Whirlpool offers an exciting and dynamic environment to kickstart your post-military career. For over a century, Whirlpool has dedicated its mission to enhancing customers’ lives at home, making it the central focus of its business.

The panel featured three prior service speakers from Whirlpool: Navy Veteran Paul Dailey, who is the North America IT & Go To Market Manager; Army Reservist Todd Herrick, serving as the Export Operations Manager; and Air Force Veteran Alex Svetlev, working as the Data Science Manager & Direct-to-Consumer Digital Marketer. These panelists shared their personal career growth journeys within Whirlpool and their active involvement in supporting the Veteran community. They also delved into their experiences both in the military and the corporate world, highlighting surprising similarities and differences between the two segments of society.

Finally, they provided insight that although the core of Whirlpool’s business is manufacturing, Whirlpool offers career options across a significant variety of disciplines, whether it’s Corporate Functions, Project Management, Logistics, or Manufacturing. Whirlpool’s diverse career paths present opportunities for everyone. The event was followed by a Q&A.