ACP Presents: Talking Tech with Moody's

On January 16th, ACP and Moody’s connected for an inside look at how to tap into the tech world through their company. Moody’s is a worldwide risk assessment company that helps organizations make informed decisions. Their data, analytical tools and insights assist decision-makers in spotting opportunities and navigating business risks. Moody’s, with a team of over 14,000 employees across 40+ countries, blends global reach with local know-how and brings over a century of financial market experience to the table.

The panel featured Moody’s following speakers: U.S. Army Veteran Jason Hillman, serving as a Sr Project Manager at Moody’s; U.S. Marine Corps Veteran James Hixon, serving as a Managing Director of Platform Engineering; and U.S. Navy Veteran Jonathan Sims, serving as a Vice President at Moody’s Corporation. Together, the three Veterans showcased how their military skills helped them leverage their careers into the civilian sector, advised viewers on the importance of researching company culture during the job search and emphasized the impact networking has in the Veteran community. The discussion was followed by a live Q&A session.