ACP Presents: Supply Chain Innovation in 2022 and Beyond

Supply chain management has become a focus for businesses during COVID-19 and technology plays a critical role. Autonomous trucks, artificial intelligence, blockchain, augmented/virtual reality and quantum computing are already being applied to move goods and materials. We stand upon the threshold of seismic, technological shifts propelling the digitization of virtually everything. From digital twins to true electronic commerce, (not the online shopping kind) the world is moving toward the universal, real-time, autonomous processing of highly secure transactions.

The presentation offers a holistic understanding of breaking technological developments and how they’re driving a new paradigm for supply chain management. Learn about the latest advancements in state-of-the-art technologies and how new capabilities affect the way in which we move physical goods. Gain an understanding of how emerging technologies and trends relate to one another, how to prepare your organization for far-reaching changes and foster continuous improvement through supply chain technology.