ACP Presents: The Project Management Symposium with AECOM, Home depot and USAA

On June 13th, ACP hosted a Program & Project Management Symposium with guest panelists from companies such as AECOM, USAA, and The Home Depot who discussed opportunities in the field. Speakers discussed their open roles in program/project management and highlighted each company’s Veteran hiring practices.

Patrick Havel, a Project manager from AECOM; U.S. Army Veteran Chuck Kluball, serving as a Senior Manager in an IT project at Home Depot; U.S. Navy Veteran Steve Miller, a Business Process Consultant for USAA, and Nicole Page, a Senior Talent Scout for USAA. They highlighted key skill sets needed for a career path to project management, insights into the job market and career development guidance. The event featured a live Q&A portion.