ACP Presents: Mission Entrepreneur - Veteran's Guide to Franchising with Vetrepreneur

On April 2nd, ACP was joined by Vetrepreneur®, a Veteran business community that helps military Veterans transform their dreams of entrepreneurship into reality through the power of franchising. The panel featured U.S. Navy Veterans Chris Hale, CEO of Vetrepreneur®, and Amy Schertz, a thriving franchise owner, as they shed light on the journey from military service to successful franchise ownership. They focused the discussion on why Veterans and their Spouses are uniquely suited for franchising, the benefits of starting a small business and gaining personal insights from Amy on choosing and thriving in her franchise. They touched on different challenges one may face when opening a small business as well as different resources provided through Vetrepreneur® to help troubleshoot them. The event concluded with a live Q&A session with the virtual audience.