ACP Presents: Metal and Might- Veterans at Constellium

On June 18th, ACP was joined by Constellium, a global leader in the development, manufacturing and recycling of aluminum products and solutions. This event was designed for job seekers and professionals eager to learn about the career opportunities and innovative work culture at Constellium.

The panel featured three Constellium employees: Julian Robinson, a National Guard Reservist and Maintenance Planner for Constellium; John-Michael Insetta, a US Army retiree and Leadership Development & Planning Manager; and Andy Schreiber, the Head of Talent Acquisition. They focused their discussion on career progression, transferable skill sets and military career pathways to explore when transitioning out of the military.

They also explored how to prepare for a role at Constellium. Some roles require certifications, while others require only a high school diploma and hands-on experience. The team encouraged reaching out to managers and leaders for professional development to help with career success and progression. The panel was followed by a live Q&A session and concluded with transition tips.