ACP Presents: Logistics Symposium

On February 22nd, ACP had a logistics symposium featuring panelists from Tyson Foods and Whirlpool. The panelists discussed how the Veteran community can tap into various departments of logistics in the civilian sector. Since 2012, Whirlpool Corporation has collaborated with ACP to support numerous Veterans and Active Duty Spouses in their transition from the military, assisting them in finding meaningful careers. Tyson Foods is a company engaged in food production, committed to truth, integrity, and creating value for shareholders, customers, team members and communities.

Both companies have extensive regional and local warehouse and distribution sites. Industry leaders like Marine Corps Veteran and Senior Vice President of Distribution at Tyson Foods, Jeff Lough, alongside Army Reservist and Export Operations Manager at Whirlpool, Todd Herrick, showcased how military logistics careers translate into civilian careers.

During the webinar, they helped viewers dissect information from different layers of the supply chain industry, identify exceptional skills, and obtain credible certifications. The discussion focused on the types of work Veterans might pursue during their transition out of the military. They encouraged critical thinking about marketing oneself and emphasized the importance of showcasing one's skills and adopting a growth mindset, regardless of the role played in the industry. The panel concluded with an interactive Q&A session.