ACP Presents: Jumpstart Your Civilian Career at ASML

On April 16th, ACP partnered with ASML to provide an insightful look into the company's hiring initiatives designed to recruit more Veterans and Military Spouses. ASML is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of chip-making equipment, used by companies like Intel in the production of microchips for various electronic devices, including smartphones, laptops and more.

A proud advocate of the Veteran and Military Spouse community, ASML partnered with ACP in 2022 to help fight post-military underemployment. The panel featured some of ASML’s exceptional leaders, including Brenden Garvin, Talent Engagement and Lead Generation Specialist, alongside proud Navy Veterans Matt Mangaran, Customer Support Manager, and Josh Keith, Electrical Engineering Manager. Together, they discussed effectively leveraging military experiences and preparing for interviews. They identified key points to consider during transition into civilian careers, advised viewers on researching company culture during job searches and emphasized the impact of networking within the Veteran community and with recruiters. They stressed that getting your foot in the door is just a step away, encouraging critical thinking questions and networking for success. The discussion was followed by a live Q&A session.