ACP Presents: Find the Track to Your Transition with Genesee & Wyoming

On April 11th, ACP was joined by Genesee & Wyoming for an inside look at the company’s culture and hiring strategies. In 2022, Genesee & Wyoming (G&W) hired more than 100 military service members/Veterans to work at their freight railroads in a wide range of roles and departments – from train conductor to railcar or locomotive mechanic to track repairman.

The company provides a charitable giving program that benefits organizations in the communities where its railways operate and beyond. G&W and its affiliates make donations to municipal, state and federal charities, including hospitals, schools, libraries, theatres, museums and historical societies, animal welfare associations, fire departments, food banks, parks, and nature conservation organizations. Amongst their many core values, they focus on safety, respect, transparency, innovation and excellence.

Our panelists were Joseph A. Ciufo, Recruiting Manager and ACP Veteran Mentor, and Jessie Ugaitafa, General Manager and U.S. Army Veteran. They discussed transition tips and the pathways that led them to their current roles in an industry where no day is the same. The event was followed by a Q&A.