ACP Presents: Entering the next era of American Energy with NextEra Energy

On July 25th, ACP and NextEra connected on a production panel to highlight the company’s culture and hiring strategies. Founded in 1925, NextEra Energy has grown to become the world's largest generator of renewable energy from the wind and sun and is continuously shaping the future of energy through innovation and investments in clean energy across the U.S. Recognized by Fortune Magazine as the top twenty-five in the world for innovation, there are countless job openings and hundreds more being created as NextEra ramps up its investments in American infrastructure. U.S. Army Veteran Scott Hamilton discussed their plan for Real Zero and how this leading clean energy company plans to drive the decarbonization of America. The discussion honed in on company benefits, transition tips, career exploration, and how Veterans can grow within the company. The panel concluded with an interactive Q&A.