ACP Presents: Careers in Logistics and Operations at SubCom

On June 27th, ACP hosted a webinar with SubCom for an inside look at the company’s culture, departments, and networking opportunities. For more than half a century, SubCom has been a leader in the subsea fiber optic cable industry. They provide quality and reliable undersea data transmission thanks to their technical and marine expertise. SubCom’s fleet of ships sails all over the world to ensure clients’ needs are met to the fullest and they operate year-round. SubCom designs, manufactures, deploys, maintains, and operates modern networks with an industry-leading track record for delivery and performance. In addition, they also provide the most comprehensive technical and marine expertise, with the highest quality and most reliable solutions.

The panel featured five Subcom panelists: Makenzie Brown, HR Coordinator; David Kowalczyk, U.S. Coast Guard Veteran and Senior Manager Shore Ends; Grant Nichols, U.S. Air Force Veteran and Security Manager; Rob Ryder, Recruiting Manager; and Daniel Sousa, VP of Manufacturing Operations. They discussed the company culture, transition tips, insights on certifications, and how to navigate the job search when applying to SubCom. They also highlight the importance of the company’s teamwork and internship opportunities. The company offers tuition reimbursements and generous employee benefit packages, as well. The production was followed by an interactive Q&A.