ACP Presents: Careers in Financial Services with Bank of America 

On October 3rd, ACP was joined by Bank of America for an inside look at the company’s culture, hiring process and professional development opportunities. Bank of America has been a cornerstone of the American financial sector, employing more than 200,000 employees across the country. Having supported hundreds of mentorships through ACP, Bank of America is deeply committed to the military community and our nation’s veterans.

The panel featured guest speakers, U.S. Army Veteran Bobby Turner, Senior Vice President of DE&I, Military Recruiting & Program Manager, and U.S. Army Veteran Lindsey Streeter, Senior Vice President of Global Military Affairs and Corporate Social Responsibility Program Manager. The military recruiting team actively aligns business needs with Veteran skills, specializing in niche skills and locations where there is a diverse Veteran population. The institution highlighted ways in which it continues to expand its military rotational programs, focusing on recruiting and retaining veterans who bring leadership skills that strengthen the company. The event concluded with an interactive Q&A session with the virtual audience.