ACP Presents: Career Opportunities at New Mountain Capital Portfolio Companies | Engineering and Field Roles at Pearce and Aegion

On February 15th, ACP hosted an insightful webinar featuring Pearce Services and Aegion Corporation. Discover the exciting roles available within these companies and learn about the initiatives they’re spearheading to support their Veteran employees! Gain insights from leadership at parent company New Mountain Capital, as well as Pearce Services and Aegion.

Talent Acquisition Specialists highlighted how Military Occupational Specialties (MOS) translate to available positions and how you can leverage your military skill sets in your post-military career. Senior Recruiting Specialist Jay Rowan from Aegion and Army Veteran Frank Martinez, leading Talent Acquisition & Veteran Relations at Pearce Services, addressed specific career questions and provided guidance on leveraging your military experiences effectively. Together with their teams, they showcased how their military skills helped them transition into civilian careers, advised viewers on researching company culture during the job search and emphasized the impact networking has in the Veteran community and with recruiters. The discussion was followed by a live Q&A session.