ACP Hosts New Mentor Orientation Call — 2019 Quarter Two

On Wednesday, June 26, ACP held its quarterly conference call for all new Mentors to the ACP Veteran Mentoring Program. The call allowed for Mentors to connect and openly discuss mentoring successes, best practices, and questions.

Tim Cochrane, Marine Corps veteran and President of ACP’s Citizens Program, opened the call to welcome all attendees and thank them for their participation. Tim provided an overview of ACP’s history and growth, detailed his military experience, and emphasized the support made available to Mentors throughout the year by way of their ACP point of contact.

Following Tim’s remarks, ACP Mentor Bill Slaven from Lockheed Martin shared his experience volunteering with ACP for the past several years. Currently working with his twelfth ACP Protégé, Bill discussed the similarities and differences that he’s seen in these transitioning veterans’ goals and priorities. Although Bill does not have a military background himself, he touched on some of the major differences between the military and the corporate world and encouraged Mentors to make use of the resources that ACP provides and to utilize their professional networks.

The call closed with an open question & answer session, during which Mentors discussed how to make long-distance mentorships effective, how to help Protégés set realistic employment expectations, and more.

ACP’s next Mentor orientation call will take place in 2019’s third quarter, and all new Mentors will be invited to attend. For more information, reach out to ACP at



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