ACP Hosts New Mentor Orientation Call - 2018 Quarter Four

On Monday, October 29th, ACP held its quarterly conference call for all new Mentors. The call was an opportunity for new Mentors to connect to discuss best practices, personal successes, and challenging situations.
The call opened with an introduction from ACP Chairman Sid Goodfriend, who provided an overview of ACP’s history, recent accomplishments, and goals for the future. Sid emphasized the diversity of ACP’s participants, not only in terms of gender and race, but in age, education level, and location as well.
Following Sid’s remarks, ACP Mentor Chase Coalter from Johnson & Johnson shared his experience volunteering with ACP for the past several years. Currently working with his fifth Protégé, Chase was able to provide advice on how to keep Protégés engaged throughout the year and how to ensure that their expectations are realistic. Chase encouraged new Mentors to utilize the
resources and assistance that ACP offers, and he suggested that fellow non-veteran Mentors seek advice and guidance from the military community.
The call closed with an open question & answer session, during which Mentors discussed how to set meeting topics, how to relate to younger Protégés, and how to help veterans translate their military experiences.
ACP’s next quarterly Mentor orientation call will take place in early 2019, and all new Mentors will be invited to attend. For more information, reach out to ACP at

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