ACP Career Blueprint: A Masterclass on Transitioning with Confidence with

On April 4th, ACP and hosted another installment of “The Inside Look” to learn how you can master your military transition. Jacey Eckhart,’s Transition Master Coach, focused her discussion on mastering your resume to showcase your accomplishments. According to Jacey, your resume is like building an argument; you are changing how someone else sees you without changing who you are.

The panel included ACP’s Communications Manager, Jennifer Williams, and ACP’s VP-Military Engagement, Leslie Coffey, who shared their transition journeys and perspectives as a Veteran and a Military Spouse, respectively. Addressing common questions about the next steps for families with little guidance along the way, the panel highlighted networking strategies and the benefits of mock interviewing, piecing together the transition process one step at a time. The panel concluded its event with a brief and informative Q&A.