ACP and Proskauer Present: Resume/Interview Preparation Workshop

On Tuesday, January 18th, ACP and Proskauer hosted a Resume/Interview Prep Workshop for ACP proteges via Webex. Rachel Kleiner, Proskauer’s Director of Legal Recruiting and Mark Bunbury, Proskauer’s Associate Director of Human Resources, discussed many of the unwritten rules of interviewing and how to best convey one’s skills and qualifications. The presentation addressed how much of the current job search and hiring processes have changed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The call also featured Tim Cochrane, Senior Vice President at ACP and Wendy Dessy, Associate Director of Corporate and Social Responsibility at Proskauer. The Panelists closed out the call by answering questions from the audience. More than 100 attendees signed in to this Webex webinar session with the Proskauer team. ACP would like to thank Proskauer and the panelists for this great opportunity.