Galon Miller


Galon Miller, a highly collaborative executive with 35 years proven leadership expertise from driving excellence in IT processes, teams, and programs.  Strong understanding of driving business from the big picture perspective, in addition to a demonstrated critical thinking capability to decompose complex business and technology challenges into implementable solutions. From establishment of corporate goals to creating key performance measures, demonstrated distinction through discipline, best practices, and continuous improvement. Strong believer of “Good Enough, Never Is”. CICS, Inc. is a Cyber Intelligence Cyber Security consulting company with a mission to enhance and elevate the overall services and capabilities of the Cyber Security Industry. The services CICS provides not only deliver the highest value and exceed the expectations of our clients, but these services also provide our employees and subcontractors with well-paying and mission-driven careers. 

To establish the strongest Cyber Security team, it is CICS’ imperative to identify and employ Military Veterans who have training and experience in counterterrorism intelligence and network security management.  A quote from the company’s founder, that describes this intention is, “Who better is there to guard and protect our Cyber assets, than those to whom we have entrusted our Nation’s assets?”