The Career Assessment & Objectives Questionnaire (CAQ) can be used in the beginning of a mentorship to help develop a game plan that is based on goals and  aspirations that are unique to each Protégé. Matched pairs are encouraged to revisit the CAQ on a quarterly basis in order to gauge progress of the mentorship. 
1. Check all that apply.
2.  List your top three objectives in the open fields at the bottom of the page.
3.  Develop an "Action Plan" with your Mentor.
I would like a corporate Mentor to help me:
• Improve my résumé and my interview skills
• Understand the language and culture of Corporate America
• Translate my military background to the corporate world
• Build a network of professionals
• Identify which career fields best suit my skills, interests and experience
• Refine my civilian career goals and professional ambitions
• Learn about career opportunities in one specific industry
• Obtain a job
• Obtain an internship
• Understand how to advance at my current job
• Enhance relationships with my managers, peers, direct reports and/or fellow students
• Determine how to navigate a performance review
• Cultivate my public speaking, communication and presentation skills
• Develop my leadership or management skills
• Discuss work/life balance
• Determine if I should go back to school or pursue higher education
• Learn about certifications that will increase my marketability 
• Make sure I am on the right path towards my desired career after I obtain my degree
• Create a long-term career plan
• Learn how to start or expand my own business 
Fill in your top three objectives from the list above: 
* Used with permission of Carl S. Savino and Robert Krannich, From Army Green to Corporate Gray.