ACP Remembers 9/11

Since September 2001 almost four million veterans have served in the US Military.

Thank You

September 11

As we pause to remember the events of 9/11 each year, I always feel the strain of trying to put the memories and feelings of that day into words.  It is easy to feel trite or superficial saying the same tired phrases. But not all words fail us.

First, there are the names of those we lost that day. Speaking that roster of names is powerful. The sounds and the cadence are an important ritual of honor and remembering. 

Second, two other words summon up our best:  Thank You. 9/11 is a day to say thank you to the brave people who rushed to help in the moment and those who volunteered themselves into service to their country in the aftermath. Each year it is worth reminding ourselves to say Thank You to all those who serve, to those who give of themselves in support of their communities and their nation.

- Martha Johnson, ACP President