Raytheon Hosts a “Salute to Service” Event for ACP Participants at Gillette Stadium


On Sunday, November 8th, 2015, 20 ACP Protégés and their guests attended a “Salute to Service” event hosted by Raytheon at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Massachusetts. In addition to an afternoon of NFL football, Raytheon hosted a pre-game hospitality event for ACP Protégés and their guests to enjoy complimentary refreshments and private access to the Hall at Patriot Place—a museum where Raytheon and the Kraft family honor the New England Patriots past and present. Thanks to the generosity of Raytheon, ACP Protégés were able to gather with family members, friends, and fellow veterans to honor their service alongside one of America’s favorite pastimes. 

Following the event, ACP received glowing remarks from Protégés, which included the photo below of two Marines who met for the first time and bonded over their ACP mentorship experiences.  Brian M. told us, "I thought I'd pass along a photo I took with a fellow Marine I met at the Patriots Salute to Service event. I saw his Marine Corps logo on his sweatshirt and it turns out he just completed his ACP mentorship.  It was pretty cool meeting a fellow Marine who also just completed an ACP mentorship. I had so much fun at the game. Thank you again for inviting me.”

Two of the attendees standing, each with their arm around the other