Barclays Hosts Mock Interview and Networking Session for ACP Protégés


Forty ACP Protégés gathered at Barclays Capital in New York City on Wednesday, May 28th, 2014 for a Mock Interview and Networking Session with Barclays Mentors and employees. Veteran attendees had the opportunity to perform two rounds of mock interviews with different Barclays professionals and receive candid feedback following each session.

The group shared best practices after the interviews with one ACP Protégé stating, "I had never thought about reading the emotions and personality of the interviewer. That was great advice; to think about what they are looking for in my responses." One Barclays employee shared the feedback she gave to her interviewee, "There are accomplishments listed on your resume, but those are just bullet points. Once we started talking, I realized all of the amazing things you have done. I understood how you rise above adversity and keep going. You are too humble. We want to share in your story and understand your motivations." After the interview portion of the evening concluded, attendees continued their conversations over light refreshments. 

ACP would like to thank Jeremy Davis of Barclays for planning this fantastic event.

Room filled with people participating in mock interviewsTwo rows of men in suits sitting in chairs facing each other