AT&T Hosts Panel Discussion and Networking Event in Atlanta, Georgia

On Tuesday, November 15, local veterans and professionals gathered at AT&T’s Atlanta office for a panel discussion and networking event. The panel's focus was on translating military skills to the corporate sector, and provided the opportunity for audience members to ask specific questions and drive the discussion. The panel, moderated by Patrick Hu, Lead Marketing Database Manager at AT&T, included John Phillips, former Finance Director at Coca-Cola and Author of Boots to Loafers; Stephanie Pullman, Director of Sourcing Operations at AT&T;  Nathan Smith, Chief Operating Officer at Hire Heroes USA; Debbie Stone, Supplier Diversity for Global Supply Chain at AT&T; and Timothy Tarchick, Veteran Program Director at Bank of America.

ACP would like to thank Patrick Hu and his team for organizing a wonderful event.

AT&T Event