American Corporate Partners (ACP) is a nationwide mentoring program dedicated to helping veterans transition from the armed services to the civilian workforce through mentoring, career counseling, and networking with professionals from some of America's finest corporations and select universities. ACP is not a jobs program, but a tool for networking and long-term career development.

Professionals from ACP’s Participating Institutions volunteer to mentor veteran Protégés in a yearlong mentorship. Those who have served on active duty since 2001 as well as the spouses of those service members severely wounded or killed in action are eligible to apply to be Protégés, and those with service-related disabilities will be given preference.

ACP offers two variations of the mentoring program: In-Person mentoring and E-Mentoring. The In-Person program is available to veterans who live within 100 miles of one of ACP’s cities of participation, and the E-Mentoring Program is available to veterans who live outside these cities. ACP’s programs have a limited number of openings and not all those who apply will be selected for a mentorship. Protégé applicants who demonstrate how they will benefit from a mentorship are most likely to gain acceptance.

Key Aspects of Mentorship

  • One year of active engagement with match and ACP staff. 
  • Set mutual and realistic goals and expectations for the yearlong mentorship.
  • Twelve "significant discussions" that assist the veteran's career development. Discussions can be between Mentor and Protégé, or Mentor's colleagues or coworkers and Protégé.
  • Expand Protégé's network through introductions to other professionals.

Mission & Objectives

ACP's mission is to support and facilitate veterans’ transitions to the civilian workforce while simultaneously strengthening the network between Corporate America and those who have served in the military since 2001.

We believe that one-on-one mentoring relationships connect Corporate America and veteran communities, and enhance an atmosphere of mutual understanding, respect, and support.

Measuring Success

ACP evaluates its success on the program's ability to provide participating veterans with beneficial mentoring relationships. ACP Operations Associates maintain frequent contact with Mentors and Protégés to ensure the relationship is successful. Successful mentorships include the following criteria:

  • Monthly communication between Mentor and Protégé, culminating in at least twelve “significant discussions” that focus on the Protégé’s career path.
  • Mentorship and guidance that directly impacts the Protégé’s career path.
  • The establishment of a long-lasting relationship that is mutually beneficial to both Mentor and Protégé.

A Snapshot of ACP's Veteran Applicants

  • 70% Enlisted
  • 30% Officers
  • 84% Male
  • 16% Female
  • Average Age: 35 years
  • 32% are 40 years old and older
  • 33% are interested in small business/entrepreneurship
  • 47% do not identify themselves as white