National Program

In late April, ACP veteran Protégé Nathan Clem and his Mentor, Mark Stiefbold, traveled to Germany together. Mark, who is an Order & Project Manager with Siemens Industry, took Nathan to the Siemens plant in Nuremburg during his business trip and included his Protégé in several of his business meetings throughout the week. On the weekend, Mark and Nathan visited museums, castles and other attractions around the country together. The trip was financed in large part by a grant from Nathan's school, Wright State University, and coordinated by grant donor Alice Swinger. Siemens also covered some of the trip expenses. A special thank you to Mark Stiefbold for going above and beyond as an American Corporate Partners Mentor!


ACP Protégé Nathan Clem and Siemens Mentor Mark Stiefbold
at the Siemens plant in Nuremburg.


Nathan and Mark at the royal palace Schloss Nymphenburg.